Winter 2019 Newsletter - Stock Option Counsel® - Startup Offer Letter? The Equity Issues Hidden Between the Lines

Hello Startup Community!

If you have an Offer Letter from a startup, you may notice that it’s light on information about stock options or other equity. See this new post on the Stock Option Counsel Blog to learn the key issues hidden between the lines. It covers:

Grant Timing. The exercise price is not negotiable, but you will want to follow up after your start date to be sure that the board grants the options promptly. Delays are common and can increase the exercise price dramatically and reduce the value of your stock options.

Protection for Unvested Shares. The standard vesting schedule will not protect unvested shares in an acquisition. Consider negotiating for double trigger acceleration upon change of control.

Clawbacks and Other Red Flags. The equity incentive plan and stock option agreement are usually not provided with the Offer Letter. However, it makes sense to request and review those documents before signing the Offer Letter to identify clawbacks for vested shares or any other red flag terms

Tax Structure. The right tax structure will balance your interests in total value, low tax rates, tax deferral, limited tax risks and investment deferral. 

You can see the full post on the Stock Option Counsel Blog, along with other great information on startup equity negotiations. Happy reading. 

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