Skype Repurchase Rights = Vampire Capitalism

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Quora Question: 


What does it say about a company that has a Skype-like repurchase right in their stock option agreement? The company that I work for has a stock option agreement that has a Skype-like repurchase clause (See:  Upgrading Skype and Silver Lake to Evil), basically allowing them to buy back exercise stocks at 1.5x FMV within 90days following the employee's end date/exercise date.  I have never seen anything like this, is this to protect them/screw ex-employees?  It basically mean my vested stocks can be easily bought back at 1.5x?  Isn't it unethical?

 Stock Option Counsel Answer:


I agree that it is unethical as it goes against the expectation of employees as to how their contributions are valued. If they don't know about it before they choose the company, they are making a choice without an essential term of the deal.

And it goes against the most idealistic ethic of Silicon Valley – that capitalism should be used by groups to organize and cultivate their own creative efforts rather than as a tool of vampires.

But it is not illegal. And I've seen worse in my Stock Option Counsel practice (twice this month alone). Congratulations on paying attention.