Mary made sure I fully understood every detail of my equity offer, and she helped me request changes that I never would have known to ask for without her guidance. Best money I ever spent!
— James Messinger, Senior Software Engineer, Equity Offer Counsel
I relied on Stock Option Counsel during my startup offer negotiation for market insight on the right equity percentage and legal and tax structuring expertise. When the company was acquired, the wins from that negotiation turned into tangible results in both deal value and protections for my equity in the deal. Stock Option Counsel also advised me and empowered me to protect my personal interests throughout the acquisition process on the deal terms and my post-acquisition employment agreements.
— Leonid Igolnik, Executive Vice President - Engineering, Equity Offer Counsel and Acquisition Counsel
Mary is a great resource and was very easy to work with. She was very thorough and helped me negotiate my worth. I recommend that any potential startup employee (at any level) work with Stock Option Counsel to make sure they understand their contracts and offers.
— Kevin Beauregard, Vice President - Engineering, Equity Offer Counsel
Starting and growing companies requires emotional peace of mind and consistent rational decisions - Mary helps with both. She is fantastic and time-efficient at evaluating the whole picture and coming up with transformational actions that help you and your company.
— Nathan Wilson, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Founder Counsel

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