I appreciate the guidance of Stock Option Counsel on my employment terms and equity negotiation and am very happy with the final outcome. It definitely helped secure a better outcome for me.
— Erik Wrobel, Chief Product Officer, Executive Compensation Design
I relied on Stock Option Counsel during my startup offer negotiation for market insight on the right equity percentage and legal and tax structuring expertise. When the company was acquired, the wins from that negotiation turned into tangible results in both deal value and protections for my equity in the deal. Stock Option Counsel also advised me and empowered me to protect my personal interests throughout the acquisition process on the deal terms and my post-acquisition employment agreements.
— Leonid Igolnik, Executive Vice President - Engineering, Equity Offer Counsel and Acquisition Counsel


Compensation design

We advise executives on the design and negotiation of their compensation packages with a unique focus on equity compensation. This allows executives to evaluate compensation offers with the knowledge and perspective of sophisticated investors. Consider Stock Option Counsel Services for:

Compensation Design and Negotiation

Annual Incentive Reviews

Acquisition Term Negotiations

Post-Acquisition Incentive Agreements

Severance Agreements

Qualified Small Business Stock Confirmation Letters